The year 2012 was marked with the spotlight on Tempra, when the Company put more focus on the strategy to significantly boost the performance of Tempra. We saw that television was still one of the best media to reach consumers, therefore in the beginning of the year we developed new Tempra TV commercial with the tag line ‘One Thousand Smile’.  The theme brought forward the happiness of children when they were not troubled by fever and when they are healthy. To cover more users, the Company introduced new packaging of Tempra 30 ml, making the product available in lower price hence making it more affordable.

The effectiveness of the programs that we rolled out in 2012 was proven with the 20% growth of the brand Tempra. We also won the hearts of mothers by becoming the top choice for fever medicine in child based on the survey done by Women Insight Center in collaboration with Kartini magazine. Tempra was awarded the ‘Mom’s Choice Award’ which was given in a ceremony in June 2012