TPI Whistleblowing Service

As a member of Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. group, PT Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia Tbk. (“TPI”) adopted the Corporate Code of Conduct and implement in doing the Company’s day to day activities. In relation to the above matter, TPI provides opportunities to its employees and stakeholders to participate in monitoring the Company’s activities by launching TPI Whistleblowing Service on March 15, 2017.

TPI Whistleblowing Service is a whistleblowing system managed professionally and independently which can be accessed by all employees and stakeholders of TPIto report allegation of misconduct on the principles and guidelines for corporate behavior regulated in the applicable Code of Conducts.

Scope of the Policy and Procedure

Scope of allegations that will be followed up by TPI Whistleblowing Service includes the following:

·         Fraud

·         Corruption

·         Theft

·         Breach of the company policy and regulation, including Code of Conducts

·         Conflict of interest

·         Bribery/Gratification

·         Illegal activities

TPI expects through this TPI Whistleblowing Service, violation can be prevented or detected early and followed up firmly so that it can provide a deterrence effect to prospective offenders.